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Holistic, high quality Relationships and Sex Education for secondary schools Years 7-11

Transparency and Safety

We understand that learning about relationships and sex in today’s culture covers difficult issues and many parents and carers are rightly concerned about what their children may be learning. This page is designed to allow parents and carers to see exactly what their child will be learning through the Respected programme.

Find out what our programme covers at which stage:

Our Core Values

At Respected, we take the education of your children very seriously. At the heart of our charity is our strong conviction that each child/young person is unique and valuable, capable of making healthy choices when they have access to the appropriate information, tools and support. We believe that everybody deserves healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Our Pledge

Each Respected lesson…

Is age appropriate

We only deal with subjects when relevant and appropriate to that age group in a way that they can understand

Builds self esteem

We strongly encourage a healthy respect for self as well as others

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Encourages talking to a trusted adult

We always recommend that students talk issues through with a parent/carer/other trusted adult

Prioritises student safety

We always direct students to school pastoral care services and age appropriate online resources

Our Development Team

A range of professionals have written and are developing our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Programme.

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All resources are compliant with National Government Guidelines. Learn more »

Respected - Think Again
Respected - I Wish

For each year group, the Respected Programme is taught over a 3 lesson series using:

The Films

Fast paced, interactive short films containing all the factual information needed in the lesson

Follow On

Interactive resources that allow students to engage further with key themes raise in the Films

Student help

Students signposted to sources of help and support

Respected - The Big L
Respected - Fake News

Parents and carers – do you like our programme?

Please help us to allow more young people to access it by requesting it in your local secondary/middle school. You can download and use/adapt our sample letter to schools.