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Empowering young people to make healthy informed choices in the area of relationships and sex

Providing holistic, high quality Relationships and Sex Education to secondary schools Years 7-11

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The majority of young people have been exposed to pornography by age 13, some as early as 7

Hillman et al

UK undergraduates say they have learned more about sex from pornography than from formal education


Online grooming crimes recorded by the police have increased by more than 80% in 4 years


80% of school girls age 13 or their peers had experienced some form of sexual abuse in or around school


Over 2 million people experience domestic abuse very year

Mental Health Foundation

40% of teenagers said images on social media caused them to worry about their body image

Internet Matters

Over half of 15-16 year olds think that the online world has exacerbated misogyny

The World Bank

UK has amongst the highest teen pregnancy rates in W Europe


Nearly 45% of all STIs diagnosed in England are in 15-24 year olds


STI diagnoses in England have risen by over 20% in the last year

What We Do

Year 8 Student

Learnt some things that will help me in real life, thanks.

Head of PSHE, Ringwood School

Clear message. Easy to follow material. Engaging and relevant for students.

Year 7 Student

Because of these lessons, I worked out two of my friends were toxic, but I’ve got better friends now.

Assistant Head, Talbot Heath School

Very insightful.

Year 8 Student

It can help teens/preteens like me to feel better about ourselves and to accept ourselves more.

Vice Principal, Cornerstone Academy

Perfect topic coverage.

Year 10 Student

Very good, thank you.

Head of PSHE, Bournemouth School for Girls

Students engaged 100% with the online presenters.

Year 9 Student

Good videos, informative and fun.

Head of PSHE, Twynham School

Easy to pick up and run with…all staff said exactly the same.

Year 7 Student

I feel a lot safer online now!

Head of PSHE, Lytchett Minster School

Not dependent on teacher confidence.

Year 8 Student

They really helped me out with issues I’ve been through. Thank you so much.

£50* for entire RSE Programme for a whole academic year

* Cost may vary according to school size/type